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Did anyone archive Realmademen/Assanova's blog?
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RE: Did anyone archive Realmademen/Assanova's blog?
Besides that ego nonsense ("I don't use game" while he clearly does) his advice is pretty good. He rejects a certain kind of game, say Mystery Method, but has his own strategies and methods. I like the approximately ten posts I just read.

Quote:I’ve also played both the nice guy and the asshole, so I’ve been stacking up evidence for years. And the conclusion that I’ve come to? Being nice, at least in the long run, just doesn’t work with women. As Roissy and Ferdinand would say, women get the men that they deserve.

This is a clear admission of using game: he compares two distinct sets of behavioral patterns and concludes that especially in the long term you have to be an asshole.

Quote:It’s not like I set out to game these girls, but what is very apparent to me, is that women outside of nightclubs are actually paying attention to what I say to them. All of a sudden, game matters. And again, inside of nightclubs, the women don’t really give two shits about game or personality. All they care about is the superficial bullshit. And the loud music and constant distractions aren’t helping your cause.

Like Roosh's recent post about the SATDH game and the MIMITW game. He's right the nightclub game is less sophisticated and more testosterone-fueled assertiveness. Apparently he sucks at that, though.

Quote:As a guy, if a woman seems genuinely interested in you, you have to move quickly. You gotta call her no later than the very next day, you have to let her know that you are interested in her, you gotta get her out on a date as soon as possible, and you have to stay in touch and hang out as much as she’s willing to hang out. And if you don’t? The momentum will be lost, she’ll forget about you, and instead of being the amazing guy she met, you will become nothing more than a distant memory.

Again, overt game advice, whether you agree with his views or not. It might not be your cup of tea but this last quote for example resonates with me.

His version of game - boldness, directness, good looks, confidence, inner game - is also what a lot of game writers are gravitating towards with the growing focus on looks (lifting, grooming, clothing) and lifestyle.
11-15-2012 12:58 PM
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