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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(03-11-2016 08:40 AM)redbeard Wrote:  I used to hold the same policy: "only fap before first dates so I can murder the pussy the first night." After a while I ditched this policy because it ended up being more of a bandaid for the following reasons:

-Nobody bangs 100% on the first date. If you don't bang, you are ending your streak for pussy. Goals > girls.

I usually can predict a bang now and I only jerked it if I was very confident things were going down. But I know what you're getting at. It's a risk vs reward thing. Is a potentially minor setback on the nofap front worth it to maybe lock down a new plate because you fucked her good the 1st time? Since I'm pretty selective with the women I bang and usually aim to turn 1st bangs into reliable low-maintenance plates, I will generally lean towards maximizing the odds of banging a chick right for the 1st bang.

Quote:-Low energy during dates. NoFap gives much more charged sexual energy and it definitely affects my date game. I would much rather be a high energy, sexual animal who lasts only a few minutes vs. a low energy guy who can pound it out

This didn't apply to me. I could still tear it up and be high energy; the one pre-date fap just took enough edge off so I didn't bust in 30 seconds. The super high energy is useful when running game but can be counter-productive in the bedroom with 1st bangs.

Obviously, I think busting in a few minutes for a first bang is never good; especially if you are one and done type of person (which is how I role). First impressions set the tone and I like to fuck chicks like it's the last fuck of their lives; not having to make up for last ground after the fact. You can get away with SO much later on if you fuck a chick right the first time; its a bit insane really.

Quote:-Even if you bang a girl's brain out on the first date, what's next? How about the next time you hang out? What if it's been a week, are you gonna jerk off before every time you see her? No, you need to develop better habits.

Wasn't an issue since I usually get consistent sex from a chick after a first bang. Also, I think if you lay the pipe down good the 1st bang, a chick will be a lot more forgiving when you do a quick bang later on; on the account that she is already is into you and knows you can fuck her a good long while if needed.

As most guys know, you might only get one shot to fuck a chick and make an impression and therefore, being another guy that busts his load in 2 minutes is not something that will help get repeat bangs generally speaking. She will immediately associate you with other losers who bust early and then you have to fight those impressions/associations to re-set thing things back on course. In this day and age, I don't see a chick being understanding and willing to wait things out a few bangs to see if you can fuck her good or not; she has 50 guys between 3 online dating platforms that could potentially fuck her good TONIGHT. The game is stacked against us enough as it is and I'm not going to handicap myself anymore than necessary.

Quote:Dealing with increased sensitivity is one of the problems we as players will face with the NoFap challenge. Most /r/nofappers are incels or in committed relationships so it isn't discussed much.

Yeah, no kidding haha. The increased sensitivity is mostly an issue when there has been a 2 week gap since the last bang. After 2 weeks, it's like the wind could make me bust a nut. Kind of hilarious but also a bit obnoxious.
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