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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
(04-23-2016 01:32 PM)The Black Knight Wrote:  Day 45. Hardcore mode (and I maintain hardcore status by a thread).

VERY promising experiment results.

So, I ended up face-fucking/getting a BJ from a chick. In the past, I haven't been able to bust a nut from doing that ever except for my first ever BJ back as a teenager. I've had chicks before, chicks with solid BJ abilities, try for 20+ minutes and almost breaking their jaws in the process to get me to nut. All have failed.

Anyhow, this chick didn't have great BJ skills (could have been a bad angle but whatever) so I started face-fucking her (never have nutted from that either) and within about 90 seconds, I came THIS close to busting an epic nut inside this chicks mouth. I also had a decent amount of alcohol in me too; enough to affect performance/erection capabilities significantly and I was STILL able pull the aforementioned off.

To be clear, I easily could have finished but couldn't due to environmental/other bullshit circumstances at the time. Kind of glad it worked out that way so I could maintain hardcore status for a bit longer though. Kind of.

However, this is a big fucking deal because its the first concrete example that NoFap hardcore mode is working; in that my sensitivity has increased significantly by virtue of the fact that I could get off from relatively weak friction (the chicks mouth) EVEN WHILE INTOXICATED. What will be interesting to see in the future is whenever I do get that first nut, how fast will I bounce back and to what degree. How well will the gun work when it's unloaded? Only time will tell but there is no going back now. I have had a taste of success and this will actually make avoiding porn and jerking easier now.

The real debate is how long do I continue hardcore more and avoid release from even a chick? Will a release slow down the "recovery" time table? Or will banging a chick assist with the "recovery" because I'm associating a release with actual banging? The whole point of NoFap is get your dopamine hit association fix from actual sex with real women; to re-wire your brain and unfuck the years of mental damage from wanking to porn. So, banging a chick should theoretically assist with that obviously, right? That all said, I lean towards the former because like any injury, you have to fully recover or you risk re-injury/slowing down recovery if you push things too early. But this is all a bit more complex than a bone fracture however.

Don't stop yourself from banging real women, the point of nofap (in my opinion, at least) is to rewire your brain for the purpose of equating real sex and real sex ONLY with arousal as opposed to porn/masturbation. Releasing only with a woman accomplishes that task.

I'd encourage men to do this nofap challenge even if they're in an LTR - it will greatly improve your sex life in all facets (drive, sensitivity, even stamina)
04-24-2016 08:19 PM
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