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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
I have a dilemma. I just hit day 20 today (I count by last ejaculation) and I've been working on NPNF for quite sometime. I am new to game, very new, and just began browsing the forum hard a month ago. I would have preferred to just review, learn and put some work under my belt before I began to comment and do my first post. After what took place I feel I need to see if anyone has had a similar experience.

What I do: NPNF, eating a high testosterone diet, taking Zinc and Magnesium daily, just recently began B12 and Turmeric supplements, 2-3oz of chia seeds in water daily, eating a clean diet of high nutrient greens and lean proteins. My current living arrangements are unstable so I maintain this as best as I can. I don't edge, I do kegels when I think about them or when I use the restroom. NPNF gives me clarity and semen retention gives me drive and focus so my purpose is to build up and maintain for as long as possible while I am building stability and getting myself in order before I start gaming women.

Before I go forward I want to say that I am past NPNF and really focusing on No Ejaculation. Period. I feel, from my experience, ejaculating voluntarily or involuntarily is a big setback and I can feel it physically and mentally.

What happened: So just a few hours ago, I dozed off and woke up with a boner. There is nothing wrong with that and, in actuality, I am glad it happens. 6-8 months into my NPNF journey extended periods over 3 weeks caused my penis to be non-operational which scared me into action in the first place. So now, I take this time to work my PC muscle, check the strength of the boner, recall any triggers or a dream.. basically a health check every salute. This happened this morning. Did the routine check, let it pass on it's own, no biggie. I doze off for a few minutes and I have a VERY real dream I was masturbating intensely and busted a HUGE load. Instantly woke up and, as I feared, see a massive waste of life force in my boxers. Fuck. So, I had to recall about 17 hrs prior at the grocery store. I was in produce and I notice an older white women, mid-40s, in shape, maybe a looker some years ago, but never would have registered on my radar (I'm 30, black). At this point I have walked a few miles, fasted, taken my daily supplements and energy levels are through the roof, vibe is high so visual stimulus is generally in full effect, but nothing. I move on to the asparagus. We've circled around produce and now she is walking directly towards me. as soon as she gets within 4-5ft of me I feel this rush of energy towards her, it's full on, the blood instantly starts to the nether regions, heart beats up, body temp is up and I'm taken back because this woman, who visually has none of my triggers and didn't think twice about has my body thinking it's to create a legacy with this woman. We made eye contact and hovered for a while and just felt it for a bit to understand what it was, but I couldn't risk walking around with a hard on. I sat on my haunches and waited to return to normal and hid while I waited for this wave to run off. I also had another spanish girl, 5, heavier that was hovering while I was on cool down, but mentally I decided it was best to shut it down. Afterwards I felt euphoric and on high for nearly an hour.

Now, I feel like I've lost 20 days of hard-work and similar situation occurred at the same time period of my "fast". Has anyone had a similar experience? Is this beyond my control? Is this just a wet dream?I feel this definitely counts as a FAP since It's against my goal of long-term semen retention plans and increasing my Testosterone. Either way I feel it's a huge L.

This is my first comment or post so I am grateful for feedback and glad to be here.
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