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NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
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RE: NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious
With the exception of porn, sometimes I think that fapping is our natural built in release valve. It cures anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Thats my own justification to keep doing it. The longest I have gone no fap is 6 days over the holidays last year.

Up until the last six months, I have never had any issues getting it up, other than some drunk dick or anxiety. Once I start having sex with a girl my testosterone and sex drive goes through the roof, if her and I are bang multiple times/week. At age 40, I can multiple orgasm, meaning, I can blow my load, stay hard and stay inside of her, then pump again for a short bit then blow again within minutes. With my most recent ex I would do this regularly last year, sometimes up to 3 orgasms in a row. She said she'd never seen a man be able to do this. My last testosterone check was 750, last spring. I take no supplements, aside from cal/mag/zinc before bed.

Lately though, I have had trouble getting it up with some women I am dating. Weirdly not with all of them. I think my problem stems from anxiety, and relying on fapping to alleviate some depression. Dealing with depression, can have me fap 2-3x per day. Once before bed, once when I wake up. At my age I am starting to see my libido dip. In the past as a young man I could be dealing with the most horrible PTSD inducing life event, and still be hard at the drop of a hat. I think those days are starting to wane. Now I have to seriously consider toning down the fapping.

I screenshot girls from Tinder a lot on my phone. I have my favorite porn stars. I am on my computer and phone basically 24/7. I know what my triggers are. Now as I am alone, I want to see if I can master this.

Day 1 2/12/17
If I slip, I will not use porn.
I will track no fapping and no porn daily.
I will delete the screen shots on my phone.
I will delete my dating apps and only approach IRL.

Thats my mission now. I will chime in occasionally for updates.
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