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Vietnam vert serving up dude with a two piece now a full length film
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RE: Vietnam vert serving up dude with a two piece now a full length film
(10-18-2012 05:36 PM)DarkTriad Wrote:  Yeah, it's almost like a white guy would apply for college, a job, or a government contract and be blatantly discriminated because of his race.

1. Education: Affirmative Action has no statistically significant impact on white college admission rates. The banning of AA would have no impact on whites (AA's elimination has actually been shown to hurt them in some cases, and its presence to benefit them in others). Whites are also very large beneficiaries of non-merit based preferences, more so than any other group.

2. Jobs: The numbers simply don't support the notion that whites are losing out on the employment front. Blacks and Hispanics maintain consistently higher unemployment rates, discrimination against blacks and other minorities in hiring is still quite obvious to see, and blacks/hispanics are heavily underrepresented in most professional fields.

3. Government contracts: The numbers don't seem to support your assertion here either. I'm not seeing the minority dominance.

I won't get into the other forms of discrimination minorities face (legally, financially, socially, etc), as that would take too long. Long story short: the minority dominance you imply does not exist, and whites as a group simply do not maintain any substantive disadvantage in any major area (financially, politically, academically, etc) relative to minorities. AA is also not the boogeyman for whites that it is portrayed to be. Whites are very, very far ahead of everyone else (this is still a white nation), and that will not be changing for a long time. This is the reality most minorities are capable of acknowledging and accepting without too much trouble.

Deal with it-we already have.

Quote:Anyone that thinks this could happpen is obviously out of their mind or trolling.

Or just not particularly well-versed in the subject matter (affirmative action and its impact on whites) they're seeking to discuss.

You lose money chasing women, but you never lose women chasing money.
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