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I'm so great. I have my own troll now.
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I'm so great. I have my own troll now.
I just received a email from Naughty nomad. He asked if I had an account on his forum because some troll is saying some shit in one of the forums threads.
I don't have an account at NN's forum and do not agree with the trolls opinion.

Some may have noticed that i'm posting a bit less lately. This has nothing to do with the forum. I'm quite busy with a new project.
Still love all of you Grouphug

I am posting on some other PUA forums to promote my book a bit every once and a while but this is quite sporadic.

I seem to have missed the whole G thread and just read through it. I don't really have an opinion in the matter. While it is very possible that he's telling the truth, the opposite could also be true.
On one hand he seems to have a lot of inside knowledge and on the other side I find it a bit weird that he never agreed to meet with a senior member here just to take the doubts away.
It shouldn't be too hard to agree to meet a member in a neutral place to have a drink. It's not like he has to hand over his passport or any other identification at the door or that people would take secret pictures of him. He can just show up in a taxicab and have a talk with Roosh for example. This would clear a lot up.

For now, I believe that he is who he says he is. There are tons of wealthy guys (or wealthy guys doing some shady business) who have the cash flow and options to do what he does. It's not strange that out of hundreds of guys one decides to post about it on a forum.

I will ask NN to send the trolls IP number to Roosh so he can maybe find out who did the trolling. It looks like someone with quite some experience on this forum.

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