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Using your iPhone to remotely start torrent downloads at home
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Using your iPhone to remotely start torrent downloads at home
Alright fellas. Took me a while to figure out how to do this so I'd thought I'd share some knowledge.

What we're going to do is use our iPhone to browse torrent sites, select a torrent that we want
and have it start downloading on our computer at home.

Hopefully you have some knowledge of Bittorent and how it works.
If not ask a question and I'll break it down for you if I can.

Enjoy the tutorial Smile

What you'll need:

1. iPhone
2. Dropbox software installed on your PC(free)
3. Dropbox app installed on your iphone(free)
4. Dropbox account(2GB account is free and more than we'll need)
5. Bittorrent client installed on your PC(I use Vuze but uTorrent is also good)
6. Broadband internet connection at home

Let's get started

Step 1
Search the Apple App store for Dropbox and install the app on your iPhone.

Step 2
From your home PC go to and create a free 2GB account.

Step 3
From the same website download and install the free Dropbox software on your PC(Mac and Linux version are also available)

Step 4
Login to your dropbox account on both your iPhone and your home PC.

Step 5
Right click on the Dropbox icon in the bottom right of your screen(system tray)
[Image: 2e188rr.jpg]
and select Preferences.
From the window that pops up select Advanced.
Create a new folder where Dropbox will download your files.
I use C:\Dropbox
[Image: o7msk7.jpg]

Step 6 - Downloading .Torrent files
From your iPhone, open the Safari web browser and go to
Using the search box at the top of the page search for a file, movie, game, program
that you'd like to download.
[Image: 2euh1mo.jpg]

I'll use a TV Show Episode as an example here.

Say I want to download the latest episode of a Tv show. I do a search for "Sons of Anarchy"
and list of episodes appears. Click on the item in the list and go to the next page.
Click on the Download button
[Image: 282qj9d.png]

and you'll see a button appear on your iPhone that says
"Open in Dropbox". Click the button.
[Image: 2m660if.png]

Now the .torrent file will be downloaded to the Dropbox folder on your PC at home Wink

Step 7 - Setting up your Bittorrent Client
From your home PC go to and download and install the free Vuze software.
Start up Vuze and go to Tools, Options from the top menu and a window will appear.

From the list on the left select Files, Torrents.
Set the Import Directory to be C:\Dropbox
Check the box that says "Import new torrents automatically"
Click SAVE on the bottom left.
[Image: 108bdaw.jpg]

So now Vuze will check the C:\Dropbox folder every minute for new .torrent files and start
downloading the episode that I selected. So when I get home later (from work or wherever)
I can sit down and watch my newly downloaded episode Banana

Team Nachos
11-13-2012 09:42 PM
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