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The Petraeus scandal and affairs in America
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The Petraeus scandal and affairs in America
I don't usually watch the news but my new employer plays HLN constantly in the employee break room. For the past few days the Petraeus scandal has been the main topic of discussion. Briefly, he resigned from his position as the head of the CIA after it was discovered that he was having an affair with his biographer. No surprise there; if I was married to a woman who looked like his wife I would have an affair with a fucking alligator.
What is interesting is how the story is being presented to the American public. Of course he is being crucified for his actions. Little has been said about his mistress, although she has been leaking secrets to the press. And his wife has been made a into a brave heroine for all of the suffering she has endured.
This is how affairs are commonly presented in mainstream American news. It is always the man's fault; he is a piece of shit how can't control himself. The woman is let off of the hook and/or put on a pedestal. And the wife is always made into a victim.
Along with stories about the Petraeus affair, today I watched a story about new research being conducted about using a hormone called oxytocin to prevent men from cheating. As if men aren't feminized enough in our society, pharmaceutical companies are developing nasal sprays containing the supposed "fidelity hormone" for men in committed relationships.
What do you all think about the scandal and how it is being presented and about affairs in general? How are affairs dealt with in other countries?
11-14-2012 01:24 PM
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