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Conversation Exhcange
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RE: Conversation Exhcange
I wanted to update this thread as I've been on it for a very long time, way before joining RVF.

This is how I use Conversation Exchange. I have gotten one bang/good friendship with a right cutie, and met with a few other girls. That might not seem like a good conversion rate but bear with me.

I use it as a passive screening tool - let the girls come to me. I have a few languages listed, some of the languages in which I'm fluent, others which I genuinely would like to learn or practice. It's important to list many languages so that the girls who speak those languages will be paired with you. Hell, list all the languages in the world, it might increase your messages.

I don't even bother messaging girls. By waiting until they message me first, the roles are flipped. It's a kind of hamster plausibility deniability - I'm not coming on to her (if we meet up), she messaged me first!

I further screen for the good-looking ones by asking them to add me on FB. If they do, great, I know who I'm talking to. If they don't or if they tell me to find them (after I've already given them my FB), they're a no girl and I next them.

Once you get their FB it's game as normal.

The beauty of it is that even though my conversion rate is low (only one bang, though with probably an 8), I get to practice a language regardless. I'm fluent in Spanish thanks in great part to Conversation Exchange.

Basically it's a good site to get a bang once in a while without doing too much work, and improve your language abilities.
10-04-2014 03:43 PM
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