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High School Fashions in 1969 -- Nobody was fat
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RE: High School Fashions in 1969 -- Nobody was fat
Girls were still mostly skinny in the 90s and pop culture reflected it:
[Image: clueless.jpg]

I remember seeing a girl that was a sharp 7 with interesting eyes that I knew had a crush on me, even through my young, scared, self-limiting worldview. Every now and then, I would joke around and tell her (when the calculus teacher had stepped out) that she was secretly my sex kitten. Loudly, enough for the whole class to hear, but I didn't care. I was of course, a virgin and doing a good job having a moment of confidence that I knew what I was talking about. She had curly, auburn hair, thin waist, and what looked like C-cups. Joyful, unforced smile.

I was slowly gaining real confidence, after hitting the weights for the first time in my life. I was in a world without cellphones, but landlines, and much less social retardation. One day, after class, I took my time leaving my desk after teasing her a bit, and walked down the hall to my next class with her. Just teasing her, I naturally felt the urge to put my arm around her. I remember her thin waist, curls on my arm, and her blushing enjoyment as she leaned into me.

I never pushed it further. If only I had access to RVF so I could post in the newbie thread.

Over a decade later, she's still smart, has a couple of kids, and looks better than 90% of the girls I grew up with that are my age.

I had an eye for everlasting beauty, then.

There are small pockets of innocence like that, still, but I'm in my 30s and they don't have the same tingling, nervous affects on my life like they did. But, I love to remember those moments.

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