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Russian language: no more bullshit
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RE: Russian language: no more bullshit
So I am focusing on reinforcing what I know and not trying to add a lot of words that I will forget because I don't use them regularly. But in reading something, I am reminded that there are sort of similar words between Russian and English. Has anyone come across a good list of those? These words, I think, would be easy to add to my vocab (hopefully they are useful ones). I came across a small list, just wondering if there was more. I don't necessary agree with the list below because some seem a little bit of a stretch. But it is an example of what I am trying to find. I searched for a few minutes. It wasn't like there a Top 1000 Russian words that sound like English words. Thanks.

Mother - Mat`
Brother - Brat
Sister - Sestra
Daughter - Doch`
Son - Syn
Papa - Papa
Mama - Mama

My - Moj
Me - Menja, mne
Guest - Gost`
Mead - Med
Wolf - Volk
Water - Voda
Cat - Kot
Mouse - Mysh`
Swine - Svin, svinja
Day - Den`
Night - Noch
No, not - Ne, net
Be - Byt`
Grab - Grabit`
Dream - Drema, dremat`
Cross - Krest
Bird Cherry Tree - Cherjomuha
Beard - Boroda
Talk - Tolkovat`
Nose - Nos
Nostril - Nozdrja
Brow - Brov`
Deal - Delo
Goose - Gus`
Crook - Krjuk
Beat - Bit`
Stream - Stremnina
One - Odin
Two - Dva
Three - Tri
Six - Shest`
Seven - Sem`
Dale - Dol
Stall - Stojlo
Pre - Pred
Domestic - Domashnij
Pastor - Pastuh
Stranger - Strannik
Stay - Stoyat`
Seat - Sidet`
Lay - Lezhat`
Luna - Luna (not directly borrowed)
Lava - Lava
Soup (food) - Sup
Snow - Sneg
Milk - Moloko
Pale (wooden) - Palka
Desk - Doska
Salt - Sol`
Hill - Holm
Plate (stone) - Plita
Plow,plough - Plug
String - Struna
Croup - Krupa
Crupper - Krup
Widow - Vdova
Eat - Est`
Love - Lubov
Clue - Kl`uch
Saddle - Sedlo
Volition - Volja
Cry - Krik
Scaur - Skala
Rib - Rebro

Edit: This set is more what I was thinking of. Meaning I clearly know the word in English, but didn't know they used the same word in Russian. Basically, just knowing these are the Russian words, your vocab increased by 30-40 words or so without much effort (are they everyday useful? Maybe not). 100+ if the above ones are easily digestible for you. Any more you guys know off hand?

Таргет = target
Паб = pub
Тренинг = training
Пассворд = password
Уикенд = weekend
Кул = cool
Сканер = scanner
Принтер = printer
Компьютер = computer
Блендер = blender
Интернет = Internet
Дилер = dealer
Маркетинг = marketing
Продюсер = producer
Менеджер = manager
Босс = boss
Реэлтор = realtor
Провайдер = provider
Вирус = virus
Диск = disc
Веб-сайт = web-site
Веб-мастер = web-master
Банер = banner
Браузер = browser
Ноутбук = notebook
Футбол = football
Баскетбол = basketball
Боулинг = bowling
Дайвинг = diving
Матч = match
Миксер = mixer
Тостер = toaster
Блендер = blender
Хот-дог = hot-dog
Кетчуп = ketchup
Чизбургер = cheeseburger
Чипсы = chips

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