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Will the American dating scene ever change?
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RE: Will the American dating scene ever change?
Poorer women dont need men and in fact are encouraged not to want to get in a relationship so they can get welfare/govt benefits. More educated and higher status women hold out for a man on their level (ie hypergamy). These trends dont seem to be changing. The fact is most men provide very little utility to women in America as there are not enough high status men to meet the demand of women who will settle down but only with men who meet their status requirements.

That said average guys who lack game are in a very difficult position to find young thin women with pleasant personalities in the US.

Side note: saw a couple today where the woman was obese and the man was of normal weight. While this is the relatively common in the US it is rare in Mexico. For all the talk of fat women in mexico, which there are to an extent, you rarely see normal weight men coupling with fatties here.

Game/red pill article links

"Chicks dig power, men dig beauty, eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap, men are expendable, women are perishable." - Heartiste
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