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Will the American dating scene ever change?
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RE: Will the American dating scene ever change?
(06-23-2013 12:36 PM)houston Wrote:  It's somewhat good for players because girls are so quick to drop their panties but almost impossible for guys who don't know what they're doing.

Based on my experiences with American and European girls, I’ve realized that the US isn’t even the better place for racking up notches.

If you want to get laid tonight and you’re not picky about what a girl’s face looks like, then yes, the US is one of the best spots for a one-night stand with an ugly or fat girl.

The median number of sexual partners for an American woman is three by 24, and about four in her lifetime – this figure is higher if the girl is fat or ugly and lower if she’s attractive. The median for men is four by 24, and eight in his lifetime. I’m tired of hearing all the time about how America is this wild free-for-all sex paradise because while it may be much better than many parts of the world, Europe wins hands-down.

9s and 10s in the US tend to be very egotistical and don't usually have relaxed attitudes about sex. You may see some exceptions here and there, but the typical hot girl in the US is just holding out for the best-looking high-status man she can find, and probably won’t even have sex with him for at least several weeks, and more often than not until they are in a committed relationship. There’s a much stricter standard for what makes a man “good-looking” or “high-status” in the US as well. There’s a strict standard about practically everything actually and that’s why even the best-looking high-status players here lower their standards drastically for sex when they wouldn’t have to do that abroad.

Social media surely exacerbates many problems, but I’ve noticed this even since high school 10-15 years ago. I always have culture shock seeing how European 9s and 10s act almost just like any other girls, with the egotism far from reaching the levels in the US. There are quite attractive American girls with both average- and good-looking boyfriends (and it’s normally from being in the same social circle), but generally these girls don’t put out quickly, they're the least active in the bedroom, and they’re the least crazy at parties. The “slutty hot girls” are almost always cockteases dancing sexy with other girls or with their boyfriends, or modeling like sluts in photos, but even the best-looking guys here don’t just grab 9s and 10s, get all sexual with them, and fuck them that night.

Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but that’s how American 9s and 10s generally are and that’s why both first- and even second-generation Latinas are considered to be the easy ones here. Yeah, you’ll probably have to take them out on a few dates, but hot Latinas are much less uptight about sex than hot white-Americans because there isn't such an egotistical and hypergamous attitude.

Besides, for every “exceptional” American girl, there’s a far superior French, German, or Russian exception. You’re just overall more likely to get sex from a hot girl in Europe than you are in the US. It’s much more relaxed and natural.

So basically, American women aren’t valuable for anything.
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