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What's the best deal out there for an iPhone?
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What's the best deal out there for an iPhone?
I know iPhones used to have ridiculously expensive plans, but from I hear they've come down a lot, especially if you're willing to opt for an older phone.

I currently use a compact budget Android phone(LG Optimus) which I'm quite satisfied with.

There's really only one reason I'm considering an iPhone. That's to have Spotify on the go with a phone that has superior hardware for audio. My car's Alpine deck has a line out made specifically for Apple products and the sound is very clean when I'm playing through my regular iPod. I also have a line out to a 3.5mm jack which I use for my Android to play Spotify on the go and it sounds like shit. Both due to the crappy audio hardware of my budget unit as well as the 3.5mm line being inferior. While I'm not an audiophile per se, I really appreciate pure, clean sound so I need to upgrade soon.

I thought I could go with an iPod touch which would let me use Spotify, but then I wouldn't be able to listen to anything streaming while I'm on the go, even though I can download around 3,333 songs(Spotify's limit) for offline listening. But I like to idea of being able to just have a digital jukebox and listen to whatever I want on the go, so I can play whatever I want and not have to download everything in advance for offline listening.

My other option is to just get an iPhone and then I can use the iPod jack in my car, have clean sound as well as be able to use the service on the go and listen to whatever I want. The downside is that iPhones have costlier plans. I'm paying $45/mo right now for unlimited everything on my Android. And I really have NO other reason for considering an iPhone other than to have Spotify on the go.

I'm kinda torn between getting an iPod touch or an iPhone. The higher cost of iPhones are a turn off. Any suggestions on finding a reasonable iPhone plan? I doubt I'm going to find a $45 unlimited plan like I have with my Android.
08-10-2013 04:40 PM
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