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The Online Learners Thread
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The Online Learners Thread
I know there are a few threads discussing free and cheap online courses but I wanted to create a thread that takes a more detailed approach rather than just listing 50 websites.

Here you can let everyone know what classes you're taking or considering, what you did or didn't like about certain classes, and whether you recommend them. Also, if you're looking for a course on a particular subject, feel free to ask for suggestions.

Hopefully, this can become a resource and even help us motivate each other.

Right now, I'm mostly focused on the more structured massive open online courses (MOOC) where there is are deadlines, assignments, etc. and potential certificates, diplomas, or credits awarded if you choose. If you're a procrastinator like myself, it's helpful to have due dates.

Classes I'm currently taking:

Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade
Mt. San Jacinto College

I've been using freelance writing to make money and want to improve my craft as much as possible.

This deals with the basics like parts of speech, tenses, and punctuation. I studied English in college and tend to have intuitively good grammar but I honestly forgot much of the terminology and the "why" behind grammar back in grade school so this is a good refresher. Overall, the teaching style of the professors isn't amazing but the coursework is solid with video lectures and reading materials, though very basic.

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
Rice University

I also want to learn programming for freelancing as well as working on my own projects. I took C++ back in high school and enjoyed it but don't remember anything about it.

The course is taught through video lectures and there are weekly projects such as creating a black jack or asteroids style game. One of the professors created a browser based Python program which makes submitting work easy. The instructors are huge dorks but I find them to be fairly good teachers.

Introduction to Philosophy
University of Edinburgh

This class just started yesterday. I have always been interested in learning more about philosophy but wasn't sure where to start. Hopefully this will be interesting and help my though processes.

Coursework is very light and only takes an hour or two per week. I've only watch the first couple video lectures but I'm not too impressed with the teaching style so far honestly. Nothing against the guy leading the lectures so far but he really doesn't command your attention well. Just the absolute basics are being covered so far though and there are several other professors so I'm hoping it picks up.

Game Theory

Standford University and the University of British Columbia

Just started this one and haven't started with any of the material yet. Relates to things like economics, computers science, and sports/games so I'm hoping it will be interesting and potentially useful.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

This class starts tomorrow I'm already taking the other Python introduction course but this one seems to have a different approach and I figure reinforcing or learning things in another way can't hurt. Also, it's the first course for MIT's Foundations of Computer Science certificate.

Writing for the Web

Some random bitch

I very nearly didn't take this class because it's taught by a fat Australian bird in a dress named Frankie tard but it's directly applicable to my income and only four weeks. This just started yesterday and I have only watched the first video. She is annoying and uses exaggerated hand gestures when talking almost as if she's communicating with a deaf person.

What classes have you taken or are currently taking and what do you think about them?
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