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Losing libido - what is the cause?
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RE: Losing libido - what is the cause?
There are lots of causes - it can be almost impossible to determine them all.

All you can do is try to fix it.

-Take zinc and ashwagandha supplements every day. Aprodiasic cocktails such as this also might be a good idea
-Don't jerk off to porn. In fact, don't look at porn at all
-Avoid any excessive drinking/drug use (even weed)
-Eat various meats and vegetables
-Avoid processed foods and refined carbs
-Get high quality, consistent sleep
-Lift weights
-Cold showers (maybe)
-Reduce stress and fatigue (ashwagandha also helps with this)
-Start a daily low dose cialis regimen (5mg daily will eventually lead to saturation in the body) Why? Erections are associated with horniness and vice versa. If you get hard easier you'll get more turned on easier as well
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