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Duolingo review (Spanish)
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RE: Duolingo review (Spanish)
I've been on this for a week or so now and got through the first seven levels pretty quick, its been a really good refresher as I haven't spoken much Spanish in the past year and am a bit rusty. As the OP mentioned, it definitely isn't enough for speaking but does a good job with the written and practicing grammar.

I bought a language book/CD package a couple of weeks ago called Living Language, it was cheap at about $50, so I"m using that too but I found Duolingo to be more interesting and fun to use. I got through the beginner level of Living Language easily and haven't moved onto the intermediate one yet, I may wait a bit to do that. I downloaded a couple of Spanish grammar ebooks onto my Iphone and the one I found the best has been this one. Basically I'm reading this one and taking notes while going through the levels of Duolingo and it seems to be working well.

I also downloaded an app called Conjuverb and this thing is worth its weight in gold, a very handy resource to look up any verb and all of its conjugations. Another app I got during my recent trip to Mexico and have been using as a Spanish/English dictionary is Spanishdict and that is also useful.

Of course, I've been pipelining pretty hard for my upcoming stay in Colombia so have been chatting in Spanish to numerous girls on Skype and Whatsapp, so things are definitely improving, I'd say I'm almost back to the level I was at after spending four months in Colombia last year. My main goal will be to improve my Spanish there and get over the plateu I reached the last time I was there.

All of these language resources are great tools but nothing can replace what I believe to be the best method: practicing in bed with a fat assed Colombiana!

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10-30-2013 08:15 PM
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