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The Dirk Pitt Lifestyle
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RE: The Dirk Pitt Lifestyle
Crimeshare. It's sleazy, but:

It's the portable job.

I just sort of fell backwards into it when I was forty years old on a vacation. I've been a charter boat captain all my life, I mean I USED to be, I never had any intention of being any type of salesman. I used to consider the yacht brokers, the only salesmen I ever dealt with, as a bunch of cockroaches.

I live on a boat, and sell timeshares in Mexico and the Caribbean. The two go hand in glove. If I want to move I can just sail to the new place. It's also good to be mobile, because different areas have different high seasons. Two years ago I spent a month sailing over to Cabo and spent the high season there, then spent all summer sailing back. I just spent the whole winter in Jamaica, and now I'm back in the Yucatan because I like it better here. But this is low season here, now, and I'm getting antsy...

Anywhere in the world where they have resorts, which means all the nice beachy places, they have timeshares. I can sail over there and get hired and paid CASH in one day. And the money can get CRAZY sometimes, like rockstar or NBA star levels. No kidding.

If you are in France, you can easily go to Nice, Majorca, or the Canary Isles and try it. Or all over the Med. Anywhere where there are tourists. Ski places in the Alps even. I hear Croatia is the new up and coming place. Getting in on a new HOT place is where literally MILLIONS can be made. I may just sail over there myself for the summer.

Now, of course, it's a straight commission deal. You can make tons of money, or you can make NOTHING. It's up to you. You also have to be in the right place at the right time. Croatia really looks like it's going to get hot, it's the place to be right now. It's not too hard to make a good ten grand a month, CASH, and working part time hours. You're not going to get rich at it, unless you go at it full blast and manage to get into the management levels. In Croatia right now there is the potential to catapult yourself into that quickly. Sales is a skill you can learn, if you are up to it. There is no such thing as a born salesman. The best salesmen are usually the ones that have been doing it the longest. Still, not everyone can do it. That's why they pay the big bucks.

Also, if you keep moving around, you can manage to be a "perpetual tourist" and avoid all taxes by being under the radar and paid in cash. However, this is why I have never made giant money, while seeing others make literally millions. I always tend to blow town once I've got a good amount in the kitty, and then sail around till it runs low. Down here I generally take off the whole summer because that's the low season in the Caribbean. On a sailboat you can go for months on minimal cash if you want to live off fish and rice and beans.

You don't have to live on a boat, either, I've met plenty of "timeshare gypsies" that are just on perpetual vacation, basically, and will be six months in Majorca, then six months in South Africa, then six months in Dubai, then six months in Acapulco, then six months in Thailand.....

If you look at a website I think called you will see they are always looking for reps all over the world. Often you can line up gigs where they will pay the plane tickets and let you live free in the resort for at least the first month or two. This is what I did in Jamaica, had a nice two bedroom condo free, and got to chow down as much as I wanted at the all inclusive resort.

The downside? You are a timeshare salesman. It's a couple of notches below a used car salesman. People make jokes like "Don't tell my mom I work in timeshare, she thinks I play piano in a whorehouse"

I know guys that work the offshore oil rigs, and in a way it's the same sort of lifestyle. You have to be comfortable being a gypsy, not a lot of people can stand it. Doesn't lend itself to the Married With Children scene, unless your wife likes you being gone for months on end. There are other gigs like that, too. Look into what is called the "PT" lifestyle. PT means Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler, Parked Temporarily, Prior Taxpayer. It's fascinating, there are tons of websites about it.

I met a guy in Brazil who just bought and sold golf clubs and other golf stuff on Ebay, and was in full PT mode. His main objective was just banging hot Brazilian babes. PT is really the way to go, especially in this screwed up modern world. Any type of location independent income. Goes hand in glove with Game, as well, if you like to travel to foreign lands and bang hot chicks there.
06-03-2014 07:47 PM
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