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Dealing with the death of your pets
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RE: Dealing with the death of your pets
This just happened to me on Thursday. A guinea pig with a heart attack in old age. My father and I found the poor guy lying on his side in his cage still warm but gone. Took him to a vet's I always use. He was passed on to be cremated and they have a great reputation. I've had 8 pets so far and this is different from the crying when you're younger but saddens me more. Perhaps as he is the longest i've had a pet around (7 years). Also, he was adopted.

As I was an only child my parents thought it was important to have pets around the house from when I was about 5. It's been good to see how my girl reacted to this and supporting me. After we came back from the vets she got me a takeaway and just sat and consoled me without saying much. She took me out yesterday to the pet shop as i wanted to see the small animals, bought me some clothes in town, some lunch in the sun and then cooked me dinner. She buys me stuff and cooks often but I really appreciate how she got me out as there was no way I was getting any work done.

I've been fortunate enough to not have any human close to me die apart from when I was very young and can't remember so pets dying has been a good way for me to get used to death when the time comes for a family member or friend.

I'm still sad but feeling so slightly better. The silence and feeling of being the only living thing in your flat during the day will be difficult next week though. No more squeaking and calling. It is sad that the chapter of having animals as a child/teenager/young person with my parents is over. I see some other members have got a pet straight away which I have done before with great success. Seeing the rabbits and guinea pigs yesterday it was tough not to want to enquire about them but at 22 I know I want to focus on other things and definitely have pets again when I am older and also if I have a family. Living rurally with a family while having dogs, cats, small animals and chickens. Never say never though.
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