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The Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster: NASA test may speed up long distance space travel
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The Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster: NASA test may speed up long distance space travel
That EM drive works because it's not part of a closed system as the author explains here:

The topic of anti-gravity and electro-gravity propulsion is fascinating to me (who wouldn't find it so!), and is of national and world-wide importance. However having dived into that rabbit hole a bit and encountered various characters it seems there's an entire industry devoted to keeping discovery and actual devices from the everyday citizen.

Many brilliant investigators in this field have met untimely ends. I've watched several videos that have made it clear the science is sound, if not what's taught in schools (hmm I wonder why, like how we know 9/11 was not a bunch of terrorists flying planes into buildings).

What non-scientists or paid-establishment shills decry when hearing about 'free energy devices' is an unfortunate attempt to discuss an ancient and vitally important area of study. The gov't frowns upon open experimentation (if not blocking or confiscating work as with Thomas Townsend Brown in the 1930s). I do believe we are opening up a new renaissance with the widespread use of the internet to disseminate information but not sure even DT can do much in this realm. He'll have his own secret briefings when the time comes but the black op gov't projects are not known to standing presidents.

If / when someone can offer a DIY gravity drive then we've got something. We can't rely even on Musk (who even though he's a visioneer I regard with some suspicion).

Fairly technical but illustrates the science already being done in this area and important conceptual findings. I've ordered several books from the speaker:

The first time a group of people can actually coordinate and meet in secret to build a working anti-gravity craft will be the modern equivalent of the Wright Brothers achieving powered, manned flight. The less public the project, the better off we are.

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