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1400 Children in Rotherham raped but police did nothing bc fear of being racist
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RE: 1400 Children in Rotherham raped but police did nothing bc fear of being racist
(03-21-2018 10:13 AM)Zelcorpion Wrote:  < They pick the victims carefully. Indian communities did get violent against such attempted abuses in the past from what I understand.

That is why the shitheads focused on bottom-rung daughters to mostly single mothers or very pathological families. If they had chosen the average Brit, then certainly a few percent would have gone Breivik on them wiping out entire gangs and all present clients.

But since they picked usually virgins or children, then not even local boyfriends got involved. Single mothers are generally useless in that respect.

Also this social destruction in Britain went on for decades. It would not have worked in Italy for example. There many families have far stronger social cohesion. Heck - they can even pool their money to pay off the mafia to wipe the fuckers out.

Social cohesion, or lack of, is a huge factor. It's no coincidence that pubs and clubs ('old-fashioned' working-men's clubs) are closing at an alarming rate up and down the country. The mining village where I grew up in had 6 or 7 pubs in and around, within walking distance when I was a lad. Nowadays, there's 2 left but they are on the way out as well.

It's these pubs and male-only spaces that allow communities to not only learn about what's really going on, but also to challenge and organise against what's really going on. Their demise is too perfectly timely and destructive to be un-planned. That's one of the things I would like an answer to, similar to the 'how to take action in real life thread'; as a man alone, how exactly do you counter this trend and form a like-minded group of friends (irl).

‘After you’ve got two eye-witness accounts, following an automobile accident, you begin
To worry about history’ – Tim Allen
03-21-2018 11:55 AM
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