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Student Kills Classmate In Single Punch
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Student Kills Classmate In Single Punch

Good tragic yet manly story here. Bully was following some kid around, harassing and threatening him. After days of being bullied, the kid turns around and smashes the bullies face. Bully's head hits the concrete and he never wakes up.

It's terrible this happened, as a properly run school does not tolerate bullying, yet at the same time it's a good reminder how the world can force you to be a killer even if you don't want to be. The killer was found not guilty without any intention to commit manslaughter, as the requirement for any felony crime is intent to commit. The single punch was only for self defense.

The one punch KO'er:

[Image: 1412264018862_Image_galleryImage_A_17_ye...nt_who.JPG]

The deceased:

[Image: 1412264046091_Image_galleryImage_Dakota_...Gregar.JPG]

If it was my son who killed another man in such a fashion, I'd support him 100%. Every man has a right to defend himself. But at the same time I'd admonish him slightly for not understanding his true strength. Still it would not be very much his fault for not knowing his actual power, having just turned 16. And therein lies the appeal of this story, as a coming of age story.

Quote:The school became divided in the aftermath of the fight, the World-Herald reported.

Escritt's friends decided to wear black to school while he was still in the hospital - and when Teer's friends caught wind of the plan, they decided to wear green.

But some students bucked both ideas and wore red and blue for a 'Unity Day' to show that the student body had to come together during the tough time.

Why do I have the feeling that the 'Unity Day' students will grow up into future SJW's... Shudder

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10-02-2014 11:00 PM
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