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Student Kills Classmate In Single Punch
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RE: Student Kills Classmate In Single Punch
(10-02-2014 11:00 PM)Samseau Wrote:  Good tragic yet manly story here. Bully was following some kid around, harassing and threatening him. After days of being bullied, the kid turns around and smashes the bullies face.

Samseau, I get the impression that you sometimes intentionally twist facts around to fit your own biases.

From the article:
Quote:At the press conference, Wilber said that school records show that both boys had disrupted classes and been in fights, but never with each other before September 25.

A week before, Teer had collided with one of Escritt's friends, who had his arm in a cast, during a ballgame and the two boys argued, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

That night, Escritt sent Teer a message on Facebook telling him to leave his friends alone, and Teer responded with a similarly foul-mouthed message, telling the teenager to mind his own business.

Days later, Escritt was seen following Teer at school before pushing him, ultimately leading to the fatal shove.

I.e. two high school hotheads go to war over something that Teer started, and Escritt dies, and then you come here and post that Teer is some sort of hero for standing up to bullying when it was Teer who started the process by beating up one of Escritt's friends?

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10-02-2014 11:51 PM
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