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The Car Repair thread
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RE: The Car Repair thread
(01-12-2020 12:14 AM)Sargon2112 Wrote:  I'm about to replace the timing chain and tensioners on my 07 Sport Trac (V8). Still runs well with 144k on it, but the chain is chattering a bit just above idle. It will cause damage if it's not fixed though. These Ford 4.6L engines are notorious for broken timing chain tensioners. I'll also be checking the cam phasers and looking for any other signs of trouble while I'm in there. It's also time for brake pads and rotors, so that's also in the plan.

If you're going to do your own work, it pays to have a spare vehicle, or at least someone who can give you a ride, and a dry place to do the work (garage, shed, barn or something), in case you run into something unexpected and the job takes longer than expected. It will happen, especially when you're learning.

The parts will cost me a few hundred bucks or so, but taking it to a stealership would probably be a couple thousand and I don't know what kind of Yahoo would be doing the work. It'll take me the better part of a weekend, but I'll know what I have and I'll save a chunk of change.

Great thread!

You should see if the oil adapter gasket is leaking (is behind where the oil filter goes). These have a bad habit of breaking apart into pieces and clogging oil passages. I would take off the last camshaft cap towards the firewall in the passenger side cylinder head, and the cap towards the radiator side on the drivers cyl. head and verify that oil is flowing free. The 4.6s were great engines. You must have the 3 valve 4.6, I prefer the simpler 2 valve non phaser 4.6 Triton.
01-22-2020 12:46 PM
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