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How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry
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How to Make Money Hustling in Williston/Alberta/Texas Oil Industry

The topic of employment opportunities in the wake of the energy industry boom has been well documented and discussed on this forum.

I feel like this forum has done an extraordinary job of laying out actionable blueprints to get hired.

However, it is strange to me that the topic of low-hanging-fruit entrepreneurial opportunities in these oil boom towns seems to have been neglected, or at least not very well organized thus far.

This thread is being created to discuss the following:

1. Entrepreneurial business opportunities and ideas in oil/energy boom locations like Williston, Alberta, Texas:

-Dry Cleaners
-Professional Services (lawyers, consultants, dentists)
-Software/Tech services and products (SAAS apps for the industry)
-Food Trucks
-Private Tutoring (teach the children of energy industry employees)
-Private Classes (teach people how to get trained up for jobs)

2. Bring together different stakeholders into teams:

-Marketing guys
-Accounting/finance/operations guys
-Programmers and Engineers
-Whoever else might be interested in being involved with oil/energy

3. Scouting and Testing Market Demand for Opportunities

After failed startups in which I've spent months building products that nobody wanted, I always conduct rigorous market demand tests before even thinking about launching a venture.

I think that with the number of guys on this forum who are living and working in the oil/energy industry, we will have a great initial test market on which to test services/products to see if they will be applicable to a larger audience.


If you work in the oil/energy industry and this thread seems interesting or promising to you, why don't you do the following:

-Point out a big problem that everyone seems to have that could be solved by a service or product

-Point out a glaring lack of certain types of services that professionals or hustlers can come in and fill (tutoring for kids of workers, dentistry, plumbers)

-Point out a glaring lack of a certain kind of food that everyone seems to miss or want (Mexican, Chinese, Sushi, Foodtrucks)

-If you are an investor who is interested in getting in on this, perhaps state that you can invest $X amount into opportunities

-If you have a certain background (security, accounting, legal, admin, programming) then you can state that you have that background and are willing to start up or be hired by someone else


Let's do it!
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