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Fixing Modern day Society
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RE: Fixing Modern day Society
I love this thread! I am in constant thought of the future, and I have already put to work some of my plans. I know it sounds on the prepper side, but that is exactly what it is.

Career wise, I'm a building engineer. I know how to fix and build all sorts of things. Electric, plumbing, gas, steam, motor/pump repair and all sorts of generalized maintenance work.
I've got my woman, who is smart, motherly and very feminine. She and I have a lot of the same views of world culture. We have discussed kids and upbringing. Just like she was, we plan on homeschooling. I talked to the local school about their old books, which I get for free since they just throw them out.
While for now I save money and hope that the financial system doesn't collapse, I save and plan for retirement. Since I don't have faith in the system anymore I'm starting to stockpile various things. Food, guns, ammo, booze, toiletries, etc. Not only for my own use, but for barter if it comes time for that.
Currently I live in a big city. I'll be gone in a few years for sure. While I will always love my upbringing here, cities are cesspools for the most terrible things. Soon enough I'll be living in farm country with hopefully like minded folks, and I plan to be self sustainable on foods.
While a lot of this is way over the top for some of you, this is a chance I will not take. History repeats itself, and we have had a lot of good times lately. Unpredictable things happen, I just want to be prepared for it.

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12-02-2014 06:17 AM
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