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When Are You Losing Money By Keeping a Beater Car?
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RE: When Are You Losing Money By Keeping a Beater Car?
Damn, this is worse than I thought. My mechanic (who is a trustworthy guy) said my clutch is totally worn out and liable to break down any moment, that it won't make it to Arizona (I was planning on driving the car across country). Parts are $440, but estimated 14 hours of labor means I'm looking at like $1.9K total, just for the clutch. And no matter what I already need another $500 in engine-related repairs to get a emissions waiver.

This car blue book value is only worth like $2.5K. So the repairs basically cost as much as the car. This doesn't seem worth it. But I feel between a rock and a hard place. I was planning on driving to AZ next Friday (I'm in Maryland). So I have time pressure involved - never a good situation for buying anything. Are there any good sites/articles out there on how to buy a car from a dealer and negotiate the best price?

I won't even need a car that much once I get to AZ. I'm working from home. I'm honestly wondering if I'd be better off with just using Uber/Lyft to get around rather than putting money into a car. Between depreciation on a newer car or maintenance expenses of an older car, the numbers I've run it seems like no matter how you cut it you are looking at minimum of $300 per month, before gas. I know that you can obviously find good deals with person-to-person, but I don't have that kind of time to shop around now.
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