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Salon: "The Plight of the Bitter Nerd" => What's wrong with Arthur Chu?
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Salon: "The Plight of the Bitter Nerd" => What's wrong with Arthur Chu?
Okay, I had little knowledge of Arthur Chu besides one video appearance Roosh linked to. It was pertaining to Gamergate. I remember he almost immediately stuck in my mind as someone I wanted to punch. You know that visceral response.

I'm lucky I don't pay much attention to Twitter and such, because I put him out of my mind. Then I clicked on a Salon article:


This was tweeted by Heartiste ("and then they came for the nerds"), and a few paragraphs in, the tone was grating on me more and more ... I scrolled to the bottom of the article to find the byline: Arthur Chu.

Here are some key paragraphs. I won't pretend this is a good summary of the article. Here's a synopsis: Arthur Chu says he was a nerd, too, and nerds hating women doesn't work, and all what the nerd is complaining about is baseless, and instead of hating, nerds should sympathize with women.

"It sounds corny to say it like that, but I don’t know how to say it and be believed. I know that because, having experienced this emotion from the inside for most of my life, I sure as hell resisted believing it when I heard people saying it.

[a whole slew of unreadable brainbarf later]

But meanwhile, women are getting stalked and raped and killed. That’s something that men are doing and that men can stop other men from doing.

And, with apologies to my fellow emotionally tortured guys, that really ought to be our priority."

Runsonmagic asked, at one point, what the underlying parallels were between SJWs and White Knights. This got me to thinking about it again.

What the hell is going on inside Arthur Chu's head that makes him like this? Is this some sort of mental autogynephilia?

Is it because he is so uncompetitive as a man that he attacks other men, even those admittedly near him at the bottom of the male hierarchy?

Does the omega male have to submissively align himself with the females?

I know the instinct to protect women. I know it well. Sympathizing with them is something different. There is something viscerally troubling about feminist men. They are traitorous. A guy that I see protecting a woman, that's trustworthy. A guy that runs around telling everyone else how they should sympathize with women: That's treacherous, that's a woman in a man's body, a wolf in sheep's clothing. I don't want him on my team, I don't trust him, I want him where he can't do harm to other men.

I'm curious if anyone has personal knowledge of what it feels like to be that way, or if they have any further insight ... there's something about it that really makes me mad, and I've learned the benefits of knowing your enemy.
01-12-2015 11:48 PM
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Salon: "The Plight of the Bitter Nerd" => What's wrong with Arthur Chu? - Shortest Straw - 01-12-2015 11:48 PM

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