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Feminist story proves major Game concepts to be nothing but the full truth
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RE: Feminist story proves major Game concepts to be nothing but the full truth
(01-18-2015 01:15 PM)scorpion Wrote:  No, it won't. I've posted about this before: the fallacy that porn star sex inspires loyalty in women and that it's therefore desirable to always rock a woman's world in bed.

The reality is that this chick was not in love with Bryce because he was a sex god, she was in love with him because he was the kind of guy who would fuck a married woman, leave immediately after busting his nut then justify his behavior by simply saying the chick had a good pussy. In other words, he is Dark Triad as fuck. His behavior is what makes him attractive, unforgettable and irresistible to her, not what he does with his penis when he's with her.

This is difficult and counter-intuitive for us to understand as men, because we are so focused on the act of sex itself.

A Kurt Vonngeut story outlined a world in which everyone was forced to be equal. And really intelligent people were forced to wear headsets that blasted an annoying sound at random intervals, so the wearer couldn't form a coherent series of thoughts.

We men don't realize that women are constantly wearing an invisible version of those headphones, to the point where 60% of their mental energy is devoted to worries about "never finding a good man" or "wondering whether the man she has is really good enough".

So Bryce's Dark Triad traits represent repressed wish-fulfillment. As in, "If ONLY I had the strength of body to pursue my dreams without giving a fuck.", or "If ONLY I had the independence of character to work hard for what I want.", or "If ONLY I could shed these annoying worries about men, then I could be 300% more productive."

Having sex with Bryce represents the only successful scenario she can imagine. Either: (1) If ONLY I could get Bryce to commit to me, then I could use his energy to get what I want. Or (2) If ONLY I could get Bryce to impregnate me, then I could turn his son into my servant when he is older.

Women don't want you to know how insecure they are, because they know how pissed you'd be to find out. (But for me, finding out just made me laugh. I haven't even begun to put myself through the Roosh Program, but I just imagined hoards of weak women (and men!) begging me to, "Have mercy!" and to "Think of the children!", and to realize that "Your mother didn't give birth to you, so you could become strong, happy, and fuck whichever women you want!" And the image made me laugh because I'm not a cruel asshole; I just want what I want.)
01-18-2015 05:17 PM
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