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"I Am Voting With My Vagina: Hillary Clinton For President"
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RE: "I Am Voting With My Vagina: Hillary Clinton For President"
(05-07-2015 08:06 PM)El Chinito loco Wrote:  Here are a few more candidates that have come out of the woodwork to run for president. Check these awesome people out:

Ben Carson. Black Republican neurologist from Detroit. Don't know much about this guy but he's apparently not really known. Aside from the obvious token minority issues the combination of Detroit AND mainstream GOP affiliation raises huge red flags.[/b]

Carly Fiorina. Incompetent former CEO of HP who was fired for doing a piss poor job and was directly responsible for tanking the company. Now she wants to run the country.. into the ground. Just the fact that she thinks she can do a good job as president indicates psych ward level delusions of grandeur.

As I've noted in other threads, there's a another woman waiting in the wings if Hillary fails (Elizabeth Warren) so I don't think we're going to escape the pussy pass this time around. The Republicans candidates will be so flawed and easy to exploit by the leftist mainstream press that it probably won't matter who they put forth (even though said candidate will still get 45%+ of the popular vote).

Carson is an intelligent guy who is on Fox all the time but he's very old school religious and conservative which the mainstream NYC and other press will hate and fight at every juncture. Think Bill Cosby but younger and more personable (and look what they did to Cosby (!)).

I don't think the Republican African American vote is big enough to push him over the top in the Republican party caucuses but if he did get the nomination he would be a formidable candidate. Guy actually talks a lot of old school sense (but I'll admit I'm not all that up to speed on him).

If he was the Repugs guy you'd see the left doing all sorts of back-bench nefarious stuff to keep him out of office I'd bet.

(05-07-2015 06:35 PM)El Chinito loco Wrote:  
(05-07-2015 10:03 AM)Grange Wrote:  [Image: DSC_0377.jpg]

She even has that pained look when trying to smile that doesn't even come close to a good fake smile that instagram hoes muster up because her narcissistic programming won't allow it.

You can read a lot in that facial expression. It's precisely the type of woman that feels emotional turmoil and sees confrontation in everything. This is why she can't smile. She's jaded and her fight or flight response is constantly wired for confrontation.

That is the classic "Fake Smile." You can tell when you look at her eyes and there is no squint at all (which is the telltale sign most of the time).

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