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manosphere conservative bullshit re: global warming
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RE: manosphere conservative bullshit re: global warming
Instead of collectively kicking the economy in the balls, reducing the world into a dictatorial, Venezuelan-like carbon-state-police Kafkaesque nightmare, we should focus on bringing back nuclear power.

With high quality, nearly limitless energy, we can do untold things. Too much carbon? Use that energy to sequester it, if it is a real issue. Not enough fresh water? Desalinize with our huge power.

Otherwise, the human race will just succumb to low power, government driven solutions that kill the human spirit. Balls need to drop, testosterone needs to be injected, and we need to start building real shit again, instead of focusing on 1080HD energy star compliant iPhones so that we can better manage our 5 government allowed instagram profile pictures, to limit our environmental impact.

With nuclear power, we can also make space rocket fuel at will and actually do something cool instead of worry about what some dumb feminist has said today.

Government wants to make geldings of us all, just look at the proposed solutions. We'll be weakened until some outside force decides they don't want to follow our rules and mounts a real attack. Then, we're back at square one anyway, with even less infrastructure because it's been bombed to bits, except now it's politically untenable and too energy intensive to rebuild anything.

05-28-2015 12:33 PM
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