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manosphere conservative bullshit re: global warming
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RE: manosphere conservative bullshit re: global warming
(05-29-2015 06:01 PM)Libertas Wrote:  
(05-29-2015 01:26 PM)Cattle Rustler Wrote:  Billions? There's only 7 Billion of us in this planet, I doubt half the world is going to die because we went without fossil fuels.

What Darius said above.

Our agricultural system uses fossil fuel byproducts not just to transport our food, but to produce it. If those fossil fuels went away there would be a mass famine.

Not if there is a few years time to replace it with something else. Currently there are multiple technologies which are being suppressed - all of them could have replaced fossil fuels. I won't even bother linking to the TV reports and studies going back as far as the 1940s.

Sure - if it comes fast or the technologies are still suppressed and fuel is at 200$/gallon, then that will cause massive disruptions.

Fortunately even the "end" of fossil fuels are a myth too. There are actual scientific reports out there which claim that crude oil is a not an organic product, but a mineral one created by pressure deep underground. It's resources are virtually unlimited as oil fields do replenish themselves and deeper drills could actually produce even higher quantities. While I don't know whether it is true, it sounds plausible to me.

By the way - so far it was currently impossible to recreate crude oil through any kind of biological mass procedure. However it was possible to generate oil via processes where minerals were used.

Quote:Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find

What would happen if it were proven that "fossil fuels" weren't the result of decaying plant and animal matter, were actually created within the Earth due to simple chemistry and you could not be scared into believing that we were "running out" of oil and natural gas?

[Image: abiotic-oil.gif]

So to recap - not only are we being in my opinion lied to as far as crude oil is concerned, but the technologies out there should long since make energy almost free and batteries should be so durable that you can drive a car for 10.000 miles on one charge.

This is not science fiction:

Here one of the energy technologies - BBC clip - look at patents at the end of report - going back to government organisations to the 1940s.

(clip is called wrongly - the TV report came out in the 1970s - this among other technologies is available much earlier as is apparent by the list of patents)
Also - this is only one of many such processes which could generate energy almost free for all.

But alas - no one would make money off it. A huge part of our current economic system would be destroyed - especially incomes of the upper 0,001%. Even more important than the income loss would be the loss of control and power. If people can have local independent generators and barely need the essential means of corporations, then many more people could have independent agriculture and living. What people also miss is that if energy costs close to zero and batteries are super-powerful, then transport would also cost little, agriculture could be extended to so far never seen degrees, water could be generated easily (deep wells which are currently unprofitable or desalination plants), we could literally make the Sahara bloom if we wanted to and have paradise on Earth. But of course - the current elite would not rule, which is why this will never come about. They rather rule over a more primitive world than create a better one and not rule at all.

Our economic system is still one big scam - just a new form of feudalism.

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05-29-2015 06:19 PM
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