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Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in the United States
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RE: Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage in the United States
(06-26-2015 02:35 PM)VolandoVengoVolandoVoy Wrote:  I am completely unconvinced that this has any effect whatsoever on you unless you plan on getting married to someone of the same sex.

Who the fuck cares what two consenting adults do in their private lives?

And if those two adults pay taxes and follow the law, they are entitled to equal protection. Marriage is just a stupid legal contract. Chivalry died a long time ago, if it even ever existed.

"Love wins" means society loses. Why? Marriage is not about love. That marriage is about love is a relatively new idea, one which led to the explosion of divorce. Marriage - and almost every religion across a variety of civilizations has a form of marriage by some name or another - is about moving society forward. It is about producing successful, legitimate heirs to your knowledge, property and genes. It is about having a familial stake in your society which in turn moves it forward. A marriage about love is dangerous. Why? Love is all about the Self.

Love can only be defined by ones Self. Love is also very fleeting and so it is inevitable that it will fade and in turn a marriage based upon love will expire. The only way for a marriage to survive is to have a stake in it, in believing that it is a fundamental part of raising children to your most successful ability. Without the belief that marriage is something worth sacrificing for - that once the shiny love feeling wears off it is fair game to leave - it is useless in terms of what it does for society. Instead it is simply a selfish, vanity endeavor which is what homosexual marriage really is about... not unlike modern, secular heterosexual marriages. The Eat, Pray Love crowd is quick to leave once they get bored because they have been told for the last 20 years that love is all that matter, that pursuit of personal happiness trumps all, that "my children would rather see me be happy". In other words, the Self is all that matters, that is what everyone has been told. This is why this erosion of marriage is so destructive.

I am an atheist. I always believed I was an atheist because I am smarter than my Catholic upbringing. I pride myself on my intelligence. But the truth is, I am an atheist because I have been told to be an atheist. And I was told to be an atheist because in turn it makes me celebrate my Self. Atheism is just as destructive against society as the erosion of marriage, which is the whole point. There is a reason why Catholicism referred to marriage as a Sacrament - because that is what is best for society. But again the religion itself does not matter, so long as there is one which makes you act in a way that benefits the greater good instead of based upon your Self's feelings and desires. Ego.

That is what we are seeing today, the rise in feeling, the triumph of Self. Now you can be "poly" or fuck the whole football team without getting shamed, so long as it feels good and feeds your ego. And when you put your Self above society, society fails.

Upthread someone posted the Yuri Bezmenov video. Everyone who thinks that none of this is a big deal should watch it. Make no mistake, we in western society are being fucked with intentionally.

Here is a 1926 article from The Atlantic The Russian Effort to Abolish Marriage in which you will find quoted many of the very things I am herding today:

Argument pro destruction of marriage:
Quote:Free love is the ultimate aim of a socialist State; in that State marriage will be free from any kind of obligation, including economic, and will turn into an absolutely free union of two beings. Meanwhile, though our aim is the free union, we must recognize that marriage involves certain economic responsibilities, and that's why the law takes upon itself the defense of the weaker partner, from the economic standpoint.

And check out the argument against... it seems like it was written last week.
Quote:The proposed law seems to favor women, but it will really work out to their disadvantage, because even now husbands run away from their wives and wives run vainly after their husbands and their alimony. Women enter into temporary connections because they think the law will protect them. We must tell them that only registered marriage can involve economic obligations; then they will be more careful. You say we can put alimony defaulters in prison, but if we tried to do this we shouldn't have enough prisons to hold the guilty. Women will defend themselves better if they know that they can't rely on our laws for defense.'

Again, this article is from 1926. The playbook was already established and all you have to do is look around and see the effects. We now have a nation of free love and single moms being supported by The State. This is intentional.

I posted this on another thread but will do so again here. This Russian born (hmmm...) writer for The Guardian, Salon, HuffPo etc says straight up that she wants marriage to be destroyed and that children should be raised communally.

Of course, none of it matters as it is too late. We already know that Russian comes out of top and we will see a massive shift in wealth from the West to Russia and China. We will also be in a serous fight for resources.

If Russia trading oil with China in Yuan instead of US dollars didn't scare you it should. I am pretty sure that in 10 years we will see who really won the Cold War and that it didn't end when we thought it did. Good thing our law enforcement is already prepared for Martial Law across the country.

But anyway, who cares, Love Wins!HeartHeart
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06-26-2015 05:38 PM
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