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My Stronglays 5x5 Approach Routine for Sexual Hypertrophy -
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My Stronglays 5x5 Approach Routine for Sexual Hypertrophy -
Hey guys,
from April 1st until the end of last month I ran an approach routine I've formulated based on my goals which has improved my game, increased my confidence and created an overall positive momentum which has seeped into other areas in my life and hopefully cemented a solid foundation for future success in game & life.

Despite still having a lot more to learn, I couldn't be happier at the moment which is why I'd like to share this routine with the forum. If it even helps one guy break out of his shell, help him get laid more or simply inspire him to get out and meet girls it'll be worth the write up.


Around mid February of this year i was in the deepest hole of a several month long depression bender. The prime reason was my inability to get laid. I was a 21 year old college kid with merely 2 notches under his belt despite being regularly called good looking by males & females alike. I was fed up with my situation. Something had to be done and fast which lead me to invent the Stronglays 5x5 Approach Routine!

Stats & Results (in just 3 months)
Lays: Before 2, After 9
Make-outs: Before 4, After 22
Finger-blasts: Before 2, After 9
Grinds: Before 2, After 57


My routine had me approaching over 30 girls a week. Over those 90 days i approached over 500 girls. The basic routine however will only have you approach 25 girls a week; 5 girls 5 days a week. You are free to superset the routine with weekend night game... fuck even online game if you feel like it. Keep in mind though that the primary objective of this routine is to remove all approach anxiety and to familiarize yourself with approaching girls of different races/cultures/backgrounds/ages WITHOUT the crutch of alcohol or online game.

April (First Month)

Mondays: I approached 5 Asian Girls-Daygame-Any Age
Tuesdays: I approached 5 Black Girls-Daygame-Any Age
Wednesdays: REST DAY
Thursdays: I approached 5 Latina Girls-Daygame-Any Age
Fridays: I approached 5 White Girls-Daygame-Any Age

Saturdays: Observation Day- during this day i refrained from getting drunk and approaching people. I limited my interaction with people and focused on observing them. How the guys who got the most bitches acted ... their body language, their style. How girls were in constant competition with each other for the attention of a small number of males at the club/bar while completely ignoring the rest. How a short chubby Asian guy managed to pull while jacked black dudes where going back home with their dick in their hands.That kinda stuff. A lot of it made sense and i was able to record and chart everything while isolating the key variables. Invaluable stuff!

Sunday: REST DAY

Well technically not a rest day since you will meet up with girls you met during the week. Rest from doing approaches i mean.


The point of me approaching different races of girls was in order to gain a broader perspective on each culture and so i could filter certain common denominators that will work on all girls across the racial spectrum while also developing a fine tuned understanding on cultural nuances few understand for maximum pussy access potential.

May (Second Month)

The second month i switched my routine up a bit.

Mondays: 5 x Milf (over the age of 30)- Any race- Any game

Tuesdays: 5 x WNB- Any race- Any age-Any game
WNB day was very hard for me. Basically, it had me approaching girls i had no intention of banging whatsoever. The point was to familiarize myself with how women think & converse without the added pressure of wanting to bang them. Being a very logic oriented dude, I've always struggled understanding how girls could be interested in inane shit like " Ashley said that Megan was like totally throwing herself at Amy's boyfriend!!!".

Wednesdays: REST DAY

Thursdays: 5 x Bohemian - I used "Bohemian" as an all inclusive term which includes any non-mainstream chicks. Hipsters, rave types, emos ...

Fridays: 5 x GROUP- - I approached 5 sets of girls in groups of 3 or more. This was along with black girl day very hard for me. Group day will however improve your skills conversing with groups of girls while giving all of them enough attention to avoid one turning into a cock blocker. I also learned how to sway the opinions of girl using her friends as pawns. Girls truly are herd animals Smile

Saturdays: 5 x Nightgame - Since it is very easy to open during night game the goal on Nightgame day will be to acquire 5 phone numbers instead of just open 5 girls.

Sundays: REST DAY

Important Notice on Black girl Day

DON'T SKIP BLACK GIRL DAY!! Yes they might be not as attractive and tend to be overweight but it is absolutely imperative that you follow through! Black girls offer the most A-MFR (Approach to Mental Fortitude Ratio) out of all the demographics mentioned above. Due to their abrasive nature you will quickly learn how to navigate shit tests, hold your ground under awkward situations and inject some much needed swag into your game. These skills could later be harvested to be fed to the types of girls you are actually attracted to.


FREESTYLE. I still did the 25 approaches a week but tweaked approaches according to my mood. I got a bit creative.

Game Isolation Week: During the first week of June i was dressed in the worst clothes i have, walked around with questionable hygiene and pretty much removed all other factors besides game in which girls could be attracted to me. The point is to isolate your game. It's brutal and i barely got any phone numbers let alone dates. But it gave me a bare, naked and raw look at my game and what parts required improvement

The next 3 weeks of June i spent working on those aspects.

Too many. PM me for specific info but off the top of my head one piece of advice i would give you guys is to always be bold. Things will get awkward as a novice. It a guaranteed and inevitable part of self improvement.

I got kicked out of 4 bars and one club. I tried spinning around this hot bitchy brunette like fucking Prince charming this one afternoon. She recoiled and threatened to break my arm if i tried that again. being caught off guard i tried to kino escalate her neck upon which her boyfriend punched me.

Don't worry about other peoples opinions and just do u! You'll be better for it.

I'm Syrian-American and look completely white so i haven't experienced anything major. Only incident i can think of is that this Japanese international student who was really into me but got repulsed as soon i told her that I'm Syrian. Almost as in like " how dare you look so white?! Almost tricked me into fucking a minority".

Night game Hack


This simple dance has revolutionized my nights at clubs. It's applicable to almost every current Hip-Hop song. Once you learn the basics you can pepper some of your own moves into it too. Being a white guy who can bust a move with a little swag will set your apart from the competition.


Ask me anything and i will reply to the best of my knowledge and experience.


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