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Has anyone here joined Dollar Shave Club?
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RE: Has anyone here joined Dollar Shave Club?
If you want to save money on shaving, get a Safety Razor and shave like a man.

[Image: 31TdD3igbOL._AA160_.jpg]

Then buy a huge pack of butterfly razor blades like these:

[Image: 41z8d0dXyuL._AA160_.jpg]

This box costs 9 dollars. This box lasted a year for me. Buy it on Amazon.

You do the math. Dollar Shave Club is a gimmick, just lower quality blades in the form of a group buy. The safety razor won't cut as close as a 6 blade Gillete or ball technology whatever, (it does come very close though), but it costs a shitload less. You could use a brand new blade everyday and throw them away. That's how cheap we are talking here.

For black guys, it's awesome because it will not cut too close so that you get razor bumps all over your face, because the super close cut ones make the hair grow inside your skin. You need the hair to be just outside, not cut 100% level with the skin. Once I switched to these I stopped buying razor bump creams. Don't get me wrong some of those creams are good (if you know what to buy), but they are not easy to find in all stores. Not to mention they spoil in the bottles and stop working as well as when you first bought them.

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