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Exercise Increases Brain Function
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RE: Exercise Increases Brain Function
I've actually heard about this too. My friend suffered an anoxic brain injury a few years ago, totally destroyed his short-term memory. Immediately after he had trouble remembering shit for more than 5 minutes.

The doctors suggested exercise to improve it, especially cardio. Apparently more oxygen goes to the brain during exercise, which can help recovery from head injuries. His memory improved a ton, although never fully. I'm not sure how much this had to do with exercise, and what was due to normal recovery and all the mental exercises he did. Either way it can't hurt.

(09-19-2015 12:06 PM)The Beast1 Wrote:  I've said this before, but eating right and exercise is a true panacea to most mental ills (ADHD, depression ,etc). People laugh at me when I say this, but the jokes on them. I haven't gone to the gym in almost 3 weeks due to moving to a new country and after the initial enthusiasm wore off I've been in a depressed funk. Time to get back in!

I wish I knew this growing up as it would have made school and teenage angst significantly easier to deal with.

Exercise is so important. Food too. It's easy to get into cycles of eating shit and not exercising, and my mood always goes to shit. From there it can be hard to get back to baseline.

I really think most forms of depression and anxiety come from living an unhealthy lifestyle. I'm sure there are tons of legitimate cases, but most would be better treated with an hour of exercise a day, fresh air, and healthy eating.
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