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The Increasing Rise Of A Sex-Negative Narrative In Australia
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RE: The Increasing Rise Of A Sex-Negative Narrative In Australia
(10-15-2015 08:10 AM)Col. Tigh Wrote:  The conclusion I come to is that, on a collective level (as opposed to an individual level), women don't mind being raped. As long as the rapist population is composed of "real men," the evolutionary instincts of women prefer it to intercourse with weak men who would allow "their" women to become the concubines of stronger outsiders, and therefore represent evolutionary dead-ends.

In the end, the innate evolutionary imperative of females is to produce offspring who will survive and propagate. This goal is ironclad and trumps every other consideration.

I don't believe this. I'll ignore Evo Psych entirely. This is simply feminist dysfunction in action - they are deeply-dysfunctional, broken women.

One common outcome of dysfunctional behaviour is acting in a manner which the mind believes will avoid a deep fear coming to pass, but since the action is dysfunctional, it encourages the feared result instead.

For example: A Sloot with a fear of abandonment by men - possibly due to the absence of a strong male figure in her childhood - will sexually-act out, believing it offers her power and control over men, thus guaranteeing commitment. However, such behaviour repulses men who want to commit, so there's an ongoing cycle of abandonment by alpha figures in her life. Consciously, she'll be upset and confused by this, but on a deep, subconscious level, she'll believe it's what she deserves - I'm incapable of a man's love! - so will continue the dysfunctional behaviour to match her self image.

As such, a dysfunctional state lead by Feminists screaming about how all men are oppressive monsters and only view them as objects to be raped, through subconscious behaviour, will encourage the state to become genuinely-oppressive for women with an actual rape culture.

This is why I keep saying the outright tyrannical subjugation of men fourth wave feminists are fighting for will only result in the end of Feminism.

So, please don't start thinking women want to actually be raped.

Yes, Rape is a very common female sexual fantasy because they understand that it is fantasy. Descriptions of these fantasies generally focus on an alpha man - often faceless but with a mental overlay of desirable masculinity, (strong, size, controlling) - forcing her submission, (though you'll get outliers who fantasies about dominant animals or aliens 'taking' them), and although they'd be described as 'rape', there's often very little violence in them: it's about submission to power. (This is why I think feminists push the 'rape is about power' angle - they think men think like women).

However, the underlying thread I've observed between these fantasies is that they're solipsistic, which is why the perpetrator is often faceless and vaguely-defined: the fantasy isn't about being violently-taken. At the core, the fantasy is about being beautiful / attractive / sexually-desirable enough that the man is overwhelmed and discards all emotional control and thoughts of punishment to claim her.

My theory about Women that I've mentioned before is they long to negate their self and exist in a pure sensory state - they want to become unrestrained emotion, (which is why I see Social Justice as a boyfriend / sexual substitute for a lot of women).

In her rape fantasies, both actors are driven by raw desire and overwhelmed by emotion: in female rape fantasies, the male self-negates as the female herself longs to.

This is the key difference between the fantasy and the actuality of rape. No sane woman wants to actually be raped, where she can't control the fantasy.

This negation belief is the core of my seduction and sexual techniques. As an example, here's writer Anais Nin, one of the first Western female writers of Erotica describing her erotic life in the 1930's:

Quote:“To hell, to hell with balance! I break glasses; I want to burn, even if I break myself. I want to live only for ecstasy. I’m neurotic, perverted, destructive, fiery, dangerous – lama, inflammable, unrestrained.”

Quote:“I am caught. And he? What does he feel? I am invaded, I lose everything, my mind vacillates, I am only aware of sensation.”

To me, this desire for self-negation at the risk of self-destruction is the dark core of unrestrained femininity. An uncontrolled woman will throw away everything - husband, family, reputation, career, freedom, even her life - to chase her erotic desires.

This isn't a criticism: this is just who they are. Understand that. Turn her on with sensation, let her experience your time together through her sensory framework, dominate her during sex so she can give up all control and become the sensation she's experiencing, and your lovers will exist in a state of erotic obsession with you.

Back when women were feminine women, their erotic desires tended to show up in sensory metaphors. Look at the metaphor Suzanne Vega used to described the ache of sexual longing in 1996:

Quote:It won't do
To dream of caramel
To think of cinnamon
And long for you.


Kate Bush in 1989:

Quote:Stepping out of the page into the sensual world
To where the water and the earth caress
And the down of a peach says, "Mmh, yes"

Sight, sound, touch.

The video for this song - self-directed by Kate - taps into exactly what I mean. She's describing her blossoming sexuality - "mmmm... yes!" - but it's portrayed exactly as I'd expect a healthily-feminine woman to do so:


0:00 Water (touch, aural)
0:19 Wind (touch, aural)
0:31 Light and shadow (visual)
0:42 Floating pollen on the breeze (visual, scent)


0:51 Losing oneself in the emotional expression of dance (emotional)
1:15 Intensity of colour (visual)
1:15 Sunset (visual, touch)


1:52 Fire (visual, touch, aural, scent)
1:52 Even more expressive dance (emotional)


2:00 Starlight (visual)
2:22 Moonlight (visual, mild colour, intensity receding)



2:51 - Light and shadow (visual)
3:02 - Lightning flash (visual, aural)
3:03 - Rain and snow (visual, aural, touch)
3:26 - Warm light returns
3:37 - Note the arching of her neck
10-15-2015 03:01 PM
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