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Business The Regulation Consultant Datasheet
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RE: The Regulation Consultant Datasheet
(10-26-2015 03:18 PM)ssvle Wrote:  Sorry for hijacking your writeup, but during my studies I had some projects in CSR/compliance related fields and (briefly) worked in compliance, therfore...

1) what exactly are you consulting ? More like CSR or more like compliance or more like classic law? These are completely differnet things.
2) Who are potential clients? In my experience, compliance is a field which is mostly relevant for companies with more than 1000 employees.

On a personal note, it was my experience that compliance was dominated by wymminz (as any field where no actual competion is in play: government jobs, HR..) with a snarky / SJW-ish attitude. After all, they are being paid to know it better.

That being said, it is a heavily growing field. I had an interview with a dude who got a VP-like position at Siemens more or less after completing his doctorate in compliance /law, because exactly when he finished a huge scandal at Siemens blew up and he got hired. So any corporate scandal is hiring time for compliance (I imagine this for VW as well).

They wanted to hire me with a good offer, but I just couldn't imagine creating all these questionnaires that everyone hates (yeah, the mandatory ones) or similar for work. It still is a solid career option, though, because the competion is, well, ... mostly older, fat women.

Per question 1 - I'm consulting export control laws. The Eurpean name is Dual use goods and munitions.
It is a specific compliance area, although it is a "classic law", since every country has that sort of law.
Per Question 2 - Exporters of dual-use goods and services (there are a lot of those).
Once you know the material (US - commerce list, Europe - Wassenaar arrangement) you can locate industries.

Don't look at it like that (questionnaires) , you should inquire more about what exactly you will be doing.

As per fat women - the field as I saw it had overwhelmingly male population. However, as I stated, it is in a specific field.

(10-26-2015 04:06 PM)Fractal Wrote:  I am wondering if there is any opportunity to do this job location independent. What are your experiences?

It can be, but it is tricky. You have to have massive reputation for it.
Some of the work is done face-to-face.

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