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Challenging leisure activities
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RE: Challenging leisure activities
(11-02-2015 08:39 AM)MrFish Wrote:  I'm starting to feel less masculine the past couple of years. My peak was during my time in the army. Nothing made me feel more like a man than being part of an elite military unit. This was mostly due to the challenging activities that I had to endure on a regular basis.

Nowadays I work in an office, surrounded by beta's who complain it's too cold when I open a window and generally don't physically challenge themselves in any way or form. I lift weights and run regularly, but those activities are quite comfortable.

I need some challenging activities back in my life! I need to conquer extreme discomfort to feel more masculine again. I want to be able to do these on a regular basis and therein lies the problem. One of the obvious contenders is rock/mountain climbing, but there are no mountains in my country to speak of. Climbing walls would be an option, but I'm afraid these won't pose a challenge for very long.

What other activities would be a good fit? They would need to be challenging, frightening or uncomfortable and I need to be able to practice them on a regular basis.

Snowboarding. You're probably a few hours drive away to French or Swiss ski resorts. You can also use it to pick up girls, get a mate and a go pro, shoot some videos and put them on Youtube and your cell phone.

Snowboarding and working on cars are what give me the feeling of accomplishment. I follow the Stronglifts 5x5 program and I became a lot stronger in the last few months. I'm also looking for an MMA or thai boxing club to join so I can put the extra test to good use.

I used to golf as well. It's not the manliest of activities but it's more challenging than it looks from the outside. Requires a great amount of dedication, and the satisfaction you get right after you finish an 18 hole is amazing. It might be a better suited activity to the Netherlands than snowboarding.

I also used to hunt but I guess European hunting laws are pretty strict. You can come up here, it's much more common.

Edit: Barrier to entry for snowboarding is also pretty low. You can start by renting out gear from the resort, and I bought all my gear for under 800 Euro. Not shitty gear either, all Burton, pretty baller.

Trick is buying gear from local shops (not online) and off season so you can negotiate. I remember talking a $300 pair of bindings down to $80.

You need the board, bindings and boots as a minimum. The board should end at your chin when you hold it upright in front of you. You need a wide board if you have large feet. Bring thick socks to wear when you're testing out boots for a good fit. The less bling on bindings the better.

Get a pair of goggles as well, any pair that suits you. No helmet, ride like a man.

“Our great danger is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed.” ― Rollo Tomassi
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