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Men's International Day - Nov 19
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RE: Men's International Day - Nov 19
(11-09-2015 11:57 PM)RIslander Wrote:  Its already meeting massive SJW resistance.

Quote:But what about International Men’s Day? Is this some form of political tit-for-tat: since they have their day, we men need ours? Really? After all, International Women’s Day acknowledges women’s exclusion and asks for a greater commitment to gender equality. From that perspective, we actually have International Men’s Day the other 364 days of the year. Here in the US, February is Black History Month. Do we need a separate White History Month – or don’t the other 11 months suffice?

Perhaps we can replace International Men’s Day with something slightly different – and tailored especially for men and boys. A friend proposed calling it International Son Day. On one Sunday, every year, fathers can invite their sons into their own homes, so that they can learn how to clean, cook, vacuum, do laundry and childcare – skills that these boys will inevitably need. Just as we demystify the workplace for girls, let’s demystify the home for boys, so that they can grow up into the men that they say they want to be: autonomous and capable of living on their own, and also involved family men, in egalitarian marriages and relationships, active and energetically engaged fathers, who use their domestic skills.

Written like a true limp wristed mangina. "White men are evil". He's a professor of 'masculinity' at NY Stony Brook College.

The author is Michael Kimmel, and he's built an entire career based on denigrating on his own gender. His whole schtick seems to be constantly casting men in the worst light possible: as bunch of immature, violent, horny gorillas who refuse to modernize and get with the times.

Any complaints that men have about feminism, or modern women, he casts aside as bitterness about a loss of male privilege (which stems from our entitlement), and that men are just stubbornly clinging to outdated concepts of masculinity.
11-11-2015 03:26 PM
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