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The End of Freedom of Speech and the Crisis in Education
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The End of Freedom of Speech and the Crisis in Education
Colleges in America are becoming a place of intolerance. As academia becomes more engrossed in the politically correct culture. Suddenly there’s a demarcation and control over the discourse. You can’t criticize: feminism, black movements, LGBT movements unless you want to be the enemy. I would even go as far as to say that college has become a failed communist state. Where the campus police and over paid administration monitors all your actions and are ready to apprehend you if you cross their line.

The management of this culture is inflexible and authoritarian. I get scared when certain loaded terms are thrown around like, “Hate Speech,” “Non-PC, “Bigot.” What qualifies as hate speech? Certainly that is very subjective, one person can randomly decide to feel offended and get others in trouble. There’s no agreed definition. This way of collectivist thinking leads to authoritarianism. The downfall of overpriced academic institutions will come from their attempts at social engineering and the restriction of the freedoms the community has.

Why is college as an institution in crisis? Because of the rampant nepotism and excessive politics that are involved. What I mean by nepotism is that certain students get privileges not because of their academic ability but rather for their obedience to authority. Therefore, it becomes more about being pleasing to the authority than actually having intellectual talent. The excessive politics come into play because every academic discipline has been filtered under the politically correct discourse. Every topic from medieval poetry to German history has to be studied under the lenses of social inequality. This is unnecessary as some if not most subjects should be studied in the context that they were created in and not under the lenses of our age.

I predict that the current educational system will not be able to sustain itself. Because of the rising tuitions, students will be looking for better alternatives than colleges. These alternatives will allow them to be better prepared for a job, a more open mind and critical thinking skills. Sooner or later a new interactive platform for learning will rise. Platforms where students will be free from left wing political influences. A education that emphasizes individualized and interactive learning.
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