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What techniques do you guys use to get rid of anxiety or depression without meds?
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RE: What techniques do you guys use to get rid of anxiety or depression without meds?
I'm digging up this thread since I've seen this video by searching for Gold from the man of the Hour: the fantastic Dr. Peterson. Both him and his daughter describe how a change in their dietary habit allowed them to reduce and/or stop their use of anti-depressant entirely. And notice the difference in how they both look compared to 4 years ago... shit they looked like zombies before!

While I've never been depressed quite like the Petersons... I've been feeling so-so since I'm in the tough spot financially. I've been reviewing & analyzing my diet over since my goal now is to be Goddamn Ripped! And this week, without much of a thought, I carbed up on Rice eating 300G on consecutive days... ... and within 10 hours of consumption... my mood really shifted for no apparent reasons just like she describes in the video.

I just felt like being happy about my situation was unrealistic... and just wanted to lay around and wait for it to pass... just like in the past. I'm currently doing a temp factory job until I get back in my field... and felt like a Bum. Then I thought about this video... quickly got off Rice again... and the fallowing day I was back to being positive as shit... and chilling in my temp job even though it's brutal. A complete 180 just by cutting out the Rice!

My easiness in typing on the keyboard is also back. While eating rice for those 2 days, finding the letters on keyboard took me about an extra second to a second 1/2 in order to think about finding the letters... and I'm just firing without a thought right now. Just like Jordan says... there's so much about the Brain that we don't know.

With very low amount of Rice... I look fairly decent and full... but brain wise... feels like shit mentally, and I believe the breakdown of the starches is what caused my extreme mucus issues over the years! And 300G is peanuts compared what I use to consume! This clip was really an eye opening! Food for thoughts for those struggling with a mood disorder or mood swings. I would strongly suggest to try what she did, and see how it goes.
09-10-2017 12:03 PM
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