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Global wealth inequality- 62 people are now as wealthy as world's 3,6 billion poorest
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RE: Global wealth inequality- 62 people are now as wealthy as world's 3,6 billion poorest
wi30 Wrote:This study seems to be pushing a socialist agenda.

Welcome to Oxfam, the socialist political organisation that did the study. Even the fucking Daily Mail in 2014 was willing to query their shit:

Quote:The charity’s campaigns and policy director, Ben Phillips, denies this, saying that Oxfam is ‘a resolutely non-party political organisation’.

But he adds that Britain faces ‘a tide of rising inequality. This is an unacceptable situation in one of the world’s largest economies, and politicians of all stripes have a responsibility to tackle it’.

This would be an unsurprising claim from Ed Miliband or Ed Balls. But from a professed charity?

Phillips presents as facts, assertions that are, at best, highly controversial. So does Oxfam’s website, which proclaims: ‘Breadline Britain. More and More UK families are going hungry.’

Many of us would react to such claims by saying: ‘Rubbish.’

Britain’s GDP is now for the first time larger than it was in 2008: far from getting poorer, this country is getting richer. Poverty here is relative, not absolute.

Where there is hunger, it is generated by bad life choices - not cruel government - compounded by a voluntary influx of migrants from some of the poorest societies on Earth.

The same can be said about the rising use of charity food banks, which Oxfam cites as evidence of desperation.

Ben Phillips has denounced the alleged ‘rise of inequality’ in Britain while the French economist Thomas Piketty has also made much-publicised claims about this - arguing that the gap between the rich and the poor has been soaring - to the delight of British Lefties. But many of this socialist ass’s statistics have been chewed to ribbons.

Of course, Britain has inequality, but so has every society on Earth. It is utterly wrong to claim that the human condition in this country - even at the bottom of the pile - is worsening.

Worldwide poverty has halved in the past 20 years, mostly as a result of capitalist policies.

Nothing to see here, more whining Reds who still haven't figured out why the Berlin Wall fell, move along.

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