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Is Hollywood run like a Satanic cult?
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RE: Is Hollywood run like a Satanic cult?
(01-23-2016 03:26 AM)Direct or subtle Wrote:  Lots of pedophilia in the series, too : A gay movie star is fond of Ray Donovan's son (they are described sharing a kid's swimming pool Dodgy ), and Ray can't do anything about it... why?
Another thing: Ray's own father explains in the second or third episode that (I quote) "it's okay for a young boy to take a d... in his mouth, because it's just a mouth, but not in the ass because of AIDS"... Ray's own under-aged daughter is raped by a black gangsta rapper carrying a gun and smoking drugs with his children, and once again, Ray, even though he's a cold-stone killer, can't do shit about it : why?..

If the 'hero' of the story is passive enough to accept these outcomes, I have to ask why any man would bother watching a show about such a failure of a man? What value does it add to your life?

Showtime has been pushing Pedo Themes ('Weeds' and 'Shameless') and Incest Themes ('Shameless' and 'Dexter') post-Obama's election. This has trickled down to HBO ('Game Of Thrones'), and even the CW, where a seemingly-innocuous kid's show ('The Flash') has its main love story focus on an adopted brother and sister, which every character treats as socially-acceptable, though this would have disgusted people 20 years ago.

The noticeable post-Obama shift in most television into degeneracy, despair and nihilism is why I've gradually-filtered television out of my life.

Related article from late 2015:

Quote:The number of people watching TV is falling off a cliff

It seems like people just aren’t watching TV anymore.

A report from AdAge on Wednesday paints a pretty bleak picture of Tuesday’s overnight TV ratings, which come during one of the industry’s most important weeks of the year as new shows are rolled out on the major networks.

AdAge, citing figures from Nielsen, reported that every returning drama that aired Tuesday night saw viewers decline by dougle-digits while debuts were a “mixed bag.”

But aside the performance of individual shows, the number of people using TV in the coveted 18-49 demographic was down 8% against the same time last year, and for the first two nights this week usage is off 10%.

AdAge also noted that among millennial conumsers (18-24 year-olds), viewing is down 20% against last year, with 24% fewer men in this age group watching TV. The number of 18-34 year-old men watching TV is down 18% compared to the same period last year.

Over the summer, there was a broad concern regarding cable companies and a loss of subscribers to services like Netflix and Hulu.

And a report from Wall Street analysts over the summer said TV networks were stuffing their airwaves with commercials in an attempt to prop up revenue. That report said ratings were down 9% over the prior year through July with ad loads correspondingly increasing by 10%.

Back in August we highlighted this chart from analysts at Pacific Crest that showed the declined in cable subscribers, and the disappointing ratings from this week confirm that interest in TV is simply not what it used to be.

(Chart shows downwards decline since 2009 at Total % of households)

As I said earlier in the thread, the public is steadily-losing interest in what Hollywood is selling as they increasingly-target a small, deviant percentage of the population who is consumed by cynicism and the celebration of the psychologically-aberrant.

I mentioned in a thread long ago that SJW-types used to loathe mainstream culture with a passion when I was young, and celebrate films and television that attempted to subvert it and mock 'normalcy'. Now they celebrate it. This should clue you in to just how repulsive the majority of the population would find what is being sold to them.

I was reading another article "Movie Attendance Has Been On A Dismal Decline Since The 1940s".

2014 was a record low for cinema attendance. Less than 10% of the population goes to the movies on a weekly basis, down from 60% of the population in 1944.

This is why I haven't been to the cinema for a couple of years. So, there was a James Bond coming out. Based on the ongoing process of Subversion, I knew a few things:

- Bond must be shown to be a flawed hero

- A woman must be shown to have power over him

- He will lectured at some stage about his 'outdated' worldview

- His love interest/s won't be traditionally-beautiful or age-inappropriate

- His love interest won't be traditionally-feminine and will be shown to be just as capable as he is

I know the whole movie is designed to shame my desire for male-specific entertainment, so it actively repulses me.

You'll see most of these factors at play in the Bond-Light of TV's 'Strike Back'.

Now imagine if I saw a trailer for a Bond Movie where:

- Bond was heroic in an aspirational way

- He had brotherly-camaraderie with his male co-workers

- He had truly-beautiful (based upon the heterosexual male definition of 'beautiful') love interests with long hair

- The love interest was traditionally-feminine and needed him to step up heroically to defend her

There's a trailer online discussing the Bond Girls for 'Skyfall'. How do they label it? "Powerful Women". I'm sure that makes the Lesbians in the Audience really wet, but I'd rather it catered to male, rather than Lesbian, fantasies, not because I'm 'Threatened' by powerful women, it's just that, well, I'm straight and power isn't a feminine quality.

I think Bond only survives as the movie version of the Man Cave: a false 'Male Space' still under tight control by women that lets him pretend he still has balls.
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