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Improving Reading Retention
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RE: Improving Reading Retention

I like both of OPs ideas (outlining ideas and the commonplace book). Another good idea is to do a mini-review of the book. Something like this:

As far as your objection that the process is time-consuming... So what?

You might not be able to read as many books as you'd like.

Big deal.

Here's the thing: I've read over 2000 books so far - and maybe 30-40 of those changed my life and helped me become wiser. Granted, half of those two thousand were epic fantasy/science fiction ones, but the point remains.

Don't read more books - read better books.

The sad fact is that 99% of the books out there are pure garbage - and I'm not even talking about fiction/chick literature.

Almost any book in the self-improvement/business/etc. field is a rehash of an older, better, more complete book. Just think about how many Think and Grow Rich rip-offs are there.

I would rather read one great book a week than three lousy ones.

So, with that out of the way, what are those good books we should read?

I think that you can't go wrong with anything on this list:

You should also read books that will help you advance your career. For me, those would be books on direct response marketing and copywriting.

There are hundreds of books on these topics, yet only 20 or so are going to give me enough knowledge to put me in the top 10% of my field.

TL;DR: Read less books, but of higher quality.
08-26-2016 09:09 AM
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