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Swell's Modified 21 Days of Discipline
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RE: Swell's Modified 21 Days of Discipline
Swell's Modified 21 Days of Discipline - Round 2

Day1 Recap

I'm doing Round 2 to lean out, to strenghten current skills, and to develop better time managment.

Workout; Overhead Press & Curls.
For my workouts, Im going to use what I have. I have an barbell with two 25lbs plates and some dumbells.

Did a hike for lowerbody work, cardio and fresh air.

Hot Yoga That's right! I lost almost two pounds sweating. Intense!

I will be calorie cycling.
Day 1 was eggs, tuna salade and cherries. 1000cals

Slept was a baby. 8+hours

To Do List
I want to improve water intake.

Day1 weigh in
Day2 morning weigh in 194.4

Please feel free post Questions or Comments.
06-28-2016 10:32 AM
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