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Poll: Can Swell go 21 days without Booze
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Swell's Modified 21 Days of Discipline
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RE: Swell's Modified 21 Days of Discipline
This pass weekend was Canada Day then National Hangover Day, so restarting cut.

There was a time were I felt Victor Pride was speaking to me. Hahaha.
His 30 D.O.D. is fantastic and it can seen here.

(04-22-2016 02:35 PM)Guriko Wrote:  Habit 1 A Feast Fit for the Gods --> eat a maximum of 3 times a day and no snacks.
Habit 2 Rise and Shine, the Clock is Ticking and the Day is Wasting --> wake up every day at 5AM.
Habit 3 Comfortable? Not after This --> cold showers.
Habit 4 Willy Wanker, Let me Introduce You to Billy Badass --> masturbation is forbidden.
Habit 5 Your Body is a Weapon --> every day you must do 100 bodyweight pushups, squats and crunches.
Habit 6 Dress to Impress, Dress for Success --> every day you dress the best your wardrobe allows.
Habit 7 Do What You Need to Do --> maintain a to-do list.
Habit 8 Stand Tall and Proud Like a Lion --> maintain good posture and make eye contacts.
Habit 9 No Excuses, No Explanations, No Bullshit --> offer only yes and no answers and give a concise explanation of your wants and needs. Never say when offered to give an opinion: ‘I do not know or I do not care.’
Habit 10 Keep Those Ideas Written Down --> keep a notebook and pen at hand to write down ideas that pop into your head.
Habit 11 Your purpose here --> visualize a goal and work towards it.
Habit 12 On the Seventh Day He Rested (But Not for too Long) --> rest day pretty much but at the end of it you have to prepare for the upcoming week.
I did buy this book and Body of a Spartan.

I call this Modified 21 days of Discipline because;
1. I will doing 3 weeks not a month.
2. I will change things as I see fit.

My main reasons;
1. improved performance.
2. leaner body.
3. bang higher level pussy.

Tomorrow is a new day.

"to thrive in that hunger." -Balkan
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07-05-2016 03:38 PM
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