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My grandmother wrote a famous book that was plagiarized.
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RE: My grandmother wrote a famous book that was plagiarized.
I dont have any plans or schemes to go after this guy, would be pointless. Its just a story my father has talked about since i was young. Even back then when it first happened there was no way to prove she had written it before he published, just word of mouth.

I definitely understand you guys calling bullshit, it sounds pretty out there. Why i believe its true is because my dad has the original, in her handwriting with some passages being verbatim from bachs but a lot of minor changes.

It just doesnt make any sense for someone to have handwritten the whole damn thing for no reason but to make up an extravagent lie to tell nuclear family members. Noone tried to sue or write bach, she had written the book for a couple nephews and wrote the whole thing off as far as going after the "publisher" who had sold off her draft.

I never got to meet my grandma, so i have no firsthand knowledge if she was smart enough to write it or not. She was an amateur, writing for some kids in the family,not an aspiring author. They were already fairly well off and i doubt they had any idea how many copies it would end up selling so i assume their thoughts were basically fuck it.

Like i said i have no schemes or ideas to try to scam money. I just wanted to hear a few opinions on the story. My apologies for taking up thread space with such an inane unprovable story.
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