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TravelerKai’s Martial Arts Datasheet
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RE: TravelerKai’s Martial Arts Datasheet
Sport fighting is not as helpful as is usually put forward when it comes to 'the street'.

Most people don't live in violent or dangerous environments, and most people who do don't come into contact very often, if at all, with violent predators.

If you do, in the course of your life, find yourself coming into contact frequently with dangerous people, a whole different set of skills apply. The toughness and conditioning that sport fighting gives you is more useful than the techniques in my experience.

Unless you are talking about squaring up outside a bar, all Marquess of Queensbury, the chances of finding yourself in a fair fight are very slim. Weapons are also almost completely useless in defensive street situations, because you wont deploy them in time, and most likely you wont even remember you have one on you when you are ambushed. You are not in a warzone, most likely, expecting these kinds of events, and you cannot live in code red, which is where you need to be to be consciously using a weapon having been put on the back foot. Soldiers, with their weapons drawn and expecting trouble, usually still get killed in ambushes. Your chances of drawing your weapon and using it effectively if you are relatively untrained are basically zero, and if you are highly trained, not much higher (if you are put on the defensive).

All of the key things you can do to protect yourself are largely focused on environmental awareness. Combat sports are great for building a bit of toughness and keeping your conditioning high, and demystifying violence a little. But they do very little to help you in real world situations. I boxed to a high level, and have a reasonable grounding in BJJ - both great sports I love. Professionally, I spend a lot of time in violent, dangerous places, and come into contact with a lot of violent dangerous people, both good ones and bad ones. I have had quite a few violent situations in the last 6 months alone, and I have not used boxing or BJJ once. 'Real' or 'Street' confrontations require you to cross a nastiness and aggression threshold that combat sports just don't really train you for. It is an unpalatable reality, but boxing (and certainly BJJ) did not prepare me sufficiently for the situations I now deal with semi regularly. They also do nothing to help you recognise the signs that trouble is coming, or to help you avoid them before it's necessary to go hands on - though even that is not always an option, regardless of whether you do everything right before hand.
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